For foreign students

Who are we?

We are a non-political and voluntary association of individuals, that take care of university students and high school students from administrative unit of Koper.


Us students from municipality of Koper, created KŠOK (students club of Koper municipality) in december of 1994, so we could help other students from Koper in achieving their goals.

Just like every beginning, it wasn’t easy for us either. In the first four years we managed to create and to carry out quite a few projects, despite the fact that we had a poor material and financial situation.

Untill 2001 we didn’t have suitable workspaces, so working was very restricted. When we look back today, it almost seems comical! It seems incredible that once, our club was only a small office as big as 18m2. In september of 2001 we got the workspaces we still use today. It felt like KŠOK was reborn. In all these years, our club has gained experience, knowledge and reputation. So now we can proudly say that we are one of the most active organisations in our municipality.


The purpose of KŠOK is to represent students of Koper municipality in Slovenia and abroad, and to care for the welfare of our members on social, cultural, sports and other fields, which are crucial for their well-being.

Our goals are to improve social position of our members, promoting sports and cultural engagement, their education, making sure they have conditions for quality leisure time, care of their general information knowledge and other goals of which aim to offer them a better quality study period.


As a foreign student you can become our member as a sympatizer. That means, you won’t get the same benefits as students that are from Koper.

As a sympatizer you can benefit in:

  • cheaper trips organized by us
  • ski trips
  • cheaper concerts organized by us
  • we are constantly updating what we offer…

To sign in you need:

  • Certificate of enrollment or a valid student card